About Us

We specialize in finding the best apps for Android and iOS devices.

Free Apps Like was created in order to bring you the very best mobile apps for phones and tablets. We all know of the popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat and Google Maps, but most of us don’t know about the lesser known apps.

Finding out what each app is like requires you to download them, try them out and then uninstall boring or poor quality apps. Fortunately, we take care of all that work for you. We test all the apps we come across and then we make lists of the best ones. To make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for, we make lists of alternatives to existing apps that are popular.

For instance, lets say you want to find apps like Shazam. Simply check out our list of Shazam alternatives and you will instantly find tons of excellent song finding apps worthy of your time.

We only share the best.

We’re dedicated to bringing you quality apps. We know how dreadful it can be to have to install and uninstall a dozen apps before finding the perfect one. With crystal clear descriptions and by only sharing high quality mobile apps, you can be sure that everything you find on our website is amazing!

Send us your own app!

We’re always open to discovering new apps. If you own an app and want it to be featured on Free Apps Like, use our contact form¬†to let us know about it. Send us the link and we’ll try it out. If it’s awesome, we’ll add it to one of our lists, mention it on our social media accounts and email you to let you know where it can be found on our site!